how to make a Gorean Camisk

Goto warlmat or a cheap fabric store.

Buy a stretchy, dollar fabric. Two yards is more than enough. It should be slightly see-through so your curves/nipples will be slightly seeable, but not gauzy. (It is one size fits most.)

You can sew this by hand, or with a sewing machine. It is supposed to be a rustic slave girl, harem or barbarian girl outfit. (You can turn it into a roman style by lining the edges with a gold hemming tape.)

It should be 18 inches wide. I did 20 inches so I could sew a hem all the way around and have it be 18 inches wide.

If you are like me, you will probably have an ass. Measure the length of fabric from the top of your head, to your knees, and that is about the right length for the backside, the front will be the bottom of your knee to the chin. However many inches that is, how long of a 18-20 inch wide strip you should cut.

Go up the fabric to the length of where you measured the front and fold it in half (the back should be longer than the front to accommodate your butt.)

You should cut a rectangle neckline (it is easier to sew.) it should be about 6 inches wide in the middle of the fabric., I suggest laying it on a yard stick or cutting mat to make sure the. Just cut it wide enough to fit over your shoulders, remember that the fabric is doubled, so whatever you do on the front, will also be cut on the other side, so don’t cut it to big.

Slip it over your head, and adjust it so you can see where it will lay, make a dot on the fabric where your belly button is. Take a ruler, and make sure it is in the middle of the fabric. Make a Dot where the middle of the fabric is, at your belly button line. This is where the V of the tunic will come down too and were it will be belted when you are finished.

Take the ruler, and draw a straight line from the dot, to the square neckline. Do it on both sides, it should be a very slender V shape. Cut it out.

Hem all the edges, included the neckline and the v. Put it back on and adjust, if you need to take the V up a little to fit your breast size (for smaller breasted women) measure it now, to see how far up you need to sew the V together to keep it from gaping open at your chest. For bigger breasted women, cut the V wider to accommodate your bust size.

When you hem the edges, make SURE it falls 1-2 inches above the top of your knee in the front, and 1-2 inches above the knee in the back…. its supposed to be above the knee, but not thigh short.

Take rope, or chain to belt it around your waist. The idea is to cover, but tantalize when you move, giving the illusion that you will show “all” at any moment, just by turning or moving “wrong”. It is a very erotic feeling outfit, making you feel more exposed, and naked than if you were actually naked.

You can buy or make a veil to go with it.

The veil is measured from the bottom of your eyes to your collarbone. It should be a see-through- gauze material of any color (preferably the same color as your outfit.) sew a pocket in the top, for small thin elastic. The pocket should be 1/4th to half an inch wide, it is recommended you thread it through AFTER you sew the pocket so you don’t sew the elastic by accident. Hem all the edges so it doesn’t unravel. Thread the elastic through the pocket, adjust it where you want it, and see how tight you need the elastic to hold it into place. Tie a knot, you can retie the knot if you need it tighter, it should go against the back of your neck, under your ears/hair.

And that’s it.. total time, including veil takes about an hour, total cost in material is under 10 dollars. Cheaper if you have thread and elastic already.

One Response to “how to make a Gorean Camisk”

  1. Struggle4Control Says:

    Excellent informative article! (Although I don’t seem to recall a Wal-Mart on Gor?) Maybe a merchant? Anyway, my slave is also learning to sew and it seems an easy (and useful) project for a beginner. Keep ’em coming Emma!


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