Let’s start with a few simple words.

Kajira. Master. Property. Owned. All good words, and words I will be using in this little writing piece. I will explain my feelings on some of these things.

This means slave girl. It is typically used in reference to a Gorean based philosophy slave. Or a Gorean Master who has a slave. Kajira means slave girl. If you are owned by a Gorean Master, you are a kajira.

There IS no right or wrong way to be a slave, or Gorean. You could be a bad Master, a poor slave, but that doesn’t make you “less”. And there is always room for improvement, including learning to speak to the girls Master instead of directing rude and nasty comments to a defenseless slave girl. (I know, I am a bit opinionated on this subject, but I really think the best correction would come from “her” Master a girl wouldn’t want to displease him in any way, , a correction from him would be the hardest to ignore, and she’d strive to do better if he’s displeased with her.)

A kajira is often prized for her intelligence, her feistiness and her ability to wear her emotions on her sleeve. A Gorean Master even often enjoys the challenges of breaking her, of taming her, of teaching what it means to be at his feet, and encouraging her to WANT to be there…and the chase and dance of Predator and prey.

The natural Order. Male masculine, Female Feminine, whether free, or owned, these are part of the Gorean philosophy that is a super important part. Not the science fiction or what is applicable on Gor, but the things that apply to living Gor on earth. The Natural Order, a Male dominant society, haughty feisty feminine women.

You can never be less of a slave; you may just be a bad slave until you are trained. I don’t understand the concept of “not a slave” when you are collared, and owned. You can be owned and not be submissive, but it may take training to be the slave a Master wishes you to be. Does that make you less of a slave? No, it just means you aren’t trained yet. Training can take weeks, months, even years before you see huge changes. That doesn’t mean they are less owned, less enslaved.

A slave, who has been a slave for a year, will not be the slave of one with twenty years of experience. There will be huge differences, not just the age difference of younger more teenager-ish type girl vs. a very adult woman in her prime. Half the fun is watching a young slave grow into a woman, into her femininity, and training her to be the woman her Master knows she can be. He may over look small personality faults and mishaps while she’s learning and growing, and when he knows she can be perfect, crack down on her in the future for small mistakes when he knows she can do better. But that is why he trains her to his idea of slave perfection.
Does this make her less of a slave for being young? I don’t think so, it makes her a less perfect slave, a less in-experienced slave, a slave who’s young and learning… but it doesn’t make her less owned.

I find it interesting how some Master’s with high obedience with strict protocol, and others prize service of the domestic kind. Some want love slaves, others want slaves to bear their children and warm their bed. Some want slaves who are sexually dominant to them and do all the sexual “work”… Others want very quiet meek slaves… some like them feisty and to fight them every step of the way when it pleases the Master to have a power struggle.

Every Master wishes different things from his slave; Some Masters have more than one slave for different uses and to make up the perfect household. Some desire small bits of each thing from one slave and prefer to have a monogamous household… It does not make a Master less Gorean if he is monogamous with his slave… especially on earth were there’s risk’s of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies and legal ramifications.

Do I think this makes a Master less Gorean? No. Gor to me is a Master doing what he wishes, how he wishes, but always having an inner respect for the Natural Order, holding himself to a high standard of Honor and respect for others, and treating others well, while still being himself and his own boss. I find it amusing when a so-called Gorean Master would pick on a slave girl rather than directly dealing with her Master.

If you were to give a gentle correction to a girl that is not your own, I could understand, but insulting the very core of her being, that she is “not a slave”… that doesn’t seem very honorable to me. I would think that if you had an issue with a slave’s behavior, that the best person to talk to would be her Master and allow him to correct her and fix her the way he thinks is best. After all, it means the most coming from her Master.

I know a Gorean Master takes pride in his slave, and wishes that she represents him well, but some Master’s have different wishes for the standard of behavior of his slave and no two people, slave or Master are exactly alike in desires, wants and behavior or protocol.

I know this is just me rambling some thoughts, but I think it is very important, especially to define the difference between reality on earth, and online role-play.

I will age, I will grow, I will learn, my beauty will fade, and I will eventually die. I don’t have an anti-aging serum and I can’t pretend I won’t get wrinkles, nor when I am forty, will it be realistic for me to say I am a twenty year old young slave, I will be forty and there are things at forty that I can offer that I cannot at twenty. And vice versa…

That doesn’t mean I will be less of a slave to him. It doesn’t make us less Gor because we age, unlike the science fiction, It doesn’t mean I am less Gor because we have a legal piece of paper, making us “man and wife” in Earth Law… (In fact in some ways, I think it makes me MORE his property because we are married… especially depending on what country your visiting hehe)
MY job is to serve my Master well, the way he wishes me to serve him, I know he will correct my behavior, and my tone, and even lecture for the way I word things when I write, Others may not SEE These corrections, but it doesn’t mean I am not given them, and he won’t shove everything one me at once.

A few months ago, the idea of calling anyone Master, even as an honorific I could not do easily… It has become easier to do so and he’s slowly been having me do it in appropriate situations. It is part of my training, part of my enslavement and I relish his training methods. They will last, I will become (his idea of) perfect and it will happen slowly enough over a period of time that It won’t ruin me or freak me out that things are moving too fast.

Sometimes, training someone slowly, brainwashing them over a long period of time is better to get a desired result, than just saying “do this or ill beat you”. Sometimes, when training a feisty girl it is often best to even let her think it’s her own idea when it comes to learning and growing.
Even though a Master knows it is not and he can smile and appreciate his handiwork all the while the girl is clueless to his molding…

She may wake up one day and see how much she has changed and wonder when and where it happened, or she may blog and write down all her feelings, emotions and thoughts so that he can slowly re-write them for her, change her and mold her the way he wishes, all the while not changing the Core of who she is, because she at her core is an eager to please slave girl who’s just a feisty spirited personality that he enjoys.

You can train a girl, with-out breaking her mentally, but sometimes that means going slow and doing it very very subtly, not fast and hard in a way that might break her spirit or traumatize while she’s fighting her bonds. There are times when faster and hard are needed, but knowing your girl, inside and out make the difference of what a Master uses in his training methods and depending on the situation and what he’s changing.

I have struggled greatly with the idea of serving others, being pleasing to those not my Owner. And using honorific titles. I am learning, how to be more pleasing to others, even though I dislike the idea of serving others, or being seen as a slave to others who don’t know us well. I struggle with my surrender, my collar and my submission at times. It doesn’t make me less of a slave, it just means I struggle, I am human, I have feelings, and I am not a fantasy creature…
The conclusion? Master decides when, where and how.

I serve him well by following his rules. He may also more slowly introduce ideas to me that would cause me difficulty… I am after all a feisty earth girl who has to be taught how to be a slave. It does not always come easy to me. I am owned, I am a slave, and I surrender to my Owner. There are times when I fight my training, when I fight my collar and I fight my bonds… That is when he is hardest on me, and I would expect no less from a Gorean Master.

Changing me slowly, so it lasts long term, they say it takes one thousand repetitions to change a behavior or habit… I don’t be bad on purpose, I don’t act out on purpose and I don’t do things to intentionally make him look bad. But I am me… if he doesn’t like something I do, or the way I am, I expect him to change it to be pleasing to him..

Is that unreasonable? I don’t think so, because a Gorean Master will train his girl to be what he wishes her to be. It may take time, and others may not like the final product, but in the end, He is a Gorean Master. And I am his kajira. I know my place at his feet, I feel safe with his collar about my throat, and I know who holds my leash.

The only other thing I wish to add to this is about being pleasing to all. It is impossible to “please” everyone.

Some may not find me attractive or pleasing to look at… some may find my small breasts and large ass not pleasing because I am not the shape they prefer… so may find my accent or eye color displeasing. Some may find my personality (that Master adores) displeasing. Some may find my movements displeasing. My point is, I can’t please “everyone”… so I strive to be pleasing to my Owner and what he finds socially acceptable, and how he expects me to treat and serve others as it reflects back on him, and by the standards he sets for me…
Thank you Master, for having me as your girl.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well said. I will be passing your thoughts on to my own sub.


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